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Allison Pegus

School Leadership Specialist

Allison Pegus is an expert practitioner in professional learning & development with 25 years in executive leadership, learning and experience in her cross-sector fields.

Learning Professional Consulting advises on design and facilitates learning and development for leaders of learning, performance managers, teachers and trainers across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Allison has a B Ed and M Ed her research fields are psychology, neuro-linguistics and learning. She is a certified MBTI Practitioner and Growth Coach

Anna Bech

Anna is a speech pathologist, specialising in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Anna has over 15 years experience working as a speech pathologist with people with a disability and has specialised in Assistive Technology for the past 10 years.
Anna has a passion in providing effective and evidence based support for clients and families to implement functional communication goals.

Crown Coaching

Leah Shmerling is the Director and Principal Consultant of Crown Coaching and Training, and has over 30 years experience in career development, life coaching, education and training. Leah is a Certified Retirement Coach with Retirement Options and is certified to apply self-assessment questionnaires with the use of The Retirement Success™ Profile and Life Options™ Profile to determine an individual’s readiness for retirement and areas that require specific focus.

Glen Pearsall

Effective Leadership

Glen Pearsall works throughout Australia in leadership,communiction and organisational change. He is best known in the Education Sector where his popular books include Classroom Dynamics and the best-selling And Gladly Teach. He has particular interest in work place coaching,and the art of dealing with group dynamics and challenging behaviors. Glen’s work is used by organisations both here and overseas. His latest book Educational Leadership will be published in July by The TLN Press.

Leah Shmerling

Leah Shmerling is the Director and Principal Consultant of Crown Coaching and Training, and is a Certified Retirement Coach. She is a course facilitator, career counsellor/coach, and Certified Retirement Coach. She has over 30 years experience in career development, life coaching, and education and training in all sectors that includes industry, TAFE, private RTOs and with professional associations. These include: the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), CPA, the Australian Retailers Association of Victoria, and the Australian Institute of Management.

Leah is a published author of 2 books and a former freelance writer for the Herald Sun where she wrote in Education, and The Age where she wrote in Education, Employment, and had a few articles published in Business.

Leah holds a Master in Professional Education and Training, Graduate Diploma in Career Development, a number of Diploma qualifications in Vocational Educational Training, and Certificates in Life Coaching, Mediation Skills, and Psychodrama.

Leah is a professional member of the Career Development Association Australia (CDAA), a professional member of Australian Career Professionals International (ACPi-Aus). She has international accreditation and is Board Certified as a Career Management Fellow with the Institute of Career Certification.

Morris Needleman

Morris has previously occupied the position of Head of Mathematics and Mathematics Technology at Reddam House, Kincoppal Rose Bay and The Emanuel School in Sydney. Qualified with an M.A. in pure mathematics and a B. Ed. (maths), Morris has experience teaching in a wide variety of schools and has delivered many professional development courses for mathematics teachers both in Australia and overseas. Morris was recognised in 2006 with an Outstanding National Achievement for Excellence by a Teacher the National Awards for Quality Schooling. Morris has also been designated by Apple as a Distinguished Educator.

Natasha Wilmann

Natasha is a Youth Health Education expert and founder of “Youth Health Education”. Natasha utilises a holistic approach examining all areas of health such as physical, emotional, cognitive, social, cultural and spiritual health. Natasha tackles youth health issues by confronting those once, uncomfortable topics in a professional, educational and interactive way thereby eradicating community stigma, stereotypes and myths which impact youth health outcomes.

Natasha’s academic background includes exercise physiology, nutrition and sport psychology, Post graduate in Secondary Teaching with a focus on bullying, violence, stress, alcohol and other drugs, peer pressure and sexuality and a Masters in Youth Health Education and Management.

Natasha’s passion and commitment to continued success for positive outcomes is through a whole community approach. Therefore Natasha works with school staff, sporting organisations, parents and students in a positive, holistic way.

Natasha provides a unique perspective having not only the academic background and working with Australian Football League (AFL), Northern League AFL, local councils, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group and Volleyball Victoria, but also having many lived experiences as an elite athlete, living with disability and chronic illness and many years of teaching and coaching Victorian sporting teams.

NSW Department of Education

Our teachers are of the highest calibre and get the support they need to improve every year.

Learn about our priorities at a glance.
Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – at a glance

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning is the NSW Government’s plan to improve teaching quality in NSW schools.
Quality Teaching, Successful Students – at a glance
Quality Teaching, Successful Students provides an additional staffing resource allocation to NSW public schools with primary students.
School Leadership Strategy – at a glance
The School Leadership Strategy increases support for school leaders so they can focus on leading teaching and learning in their schools.

Teacher Training Australia (TTA)


The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the premier, longest-serving body for project management in Australia. With over 10,000 members, we are recognised by Australian business, industry and government as the key promoter, developer and leader in project management professionalism.

AIPM is the second-largest member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), as well as the secretariat of the Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (apfpm), an organisation initiated by the AIPM in early 2010.


Our vision is to be regarded as a world authority on project management practices and competency, and to provide top quality and relevant services to our members and partners.

AIPM’s role is to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of project managers and related project personnel, all of whom play a key part in the achievement of business objectives – not just project objectives.

Urban Rail Safety

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